License Renewal & Continuing Education for 2023 - DUE by October 15, 2022 - Contact the Board to Reinstate a LAPSED License


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CONTACT the Board Office with questions.

Licenses expire annually on October 15. As a courtesy, Renewal Notices are sent to licensees on August 15. Licenses must be renewed annually on or before October 15 or the license will LAPSE. To renew a license, the renewal form and associated fee must be submitted to the Board office and CONTINUING EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS must be met. Credit card payments are not accepted. A postmark of October 15 will not substitute for receipt of renewal requirements.

DO NOT E-MAIL OR FAX Continuing Education submissions to the Board office unless the Board contacts you to reply to a CE audit.

Please be advised:
Failure to comply with renewal requirements by October 15 shall result in a Lapsed license. Failure to renew prior to October 15 will not deprive the licensee of the right to renew, but does prohibit the individual from continuing to practice unless working in an exempt setting. A licensee who fails to renew a Lapsed license within two (2) years after the expiration date IS NOT ELIGIBLE for reinstatement and the license may not be restored or reissued. The individual will be required to submit a new licensure application and meet statutory requirements for licensure in existence at the time of re-application.

Contact the Board Office for information on reactivating a Lapsed license.

The Alabama Department of Human Resources...

has launched a free, online Mandated Child Abuse/Neglect Reporter Training program developed to assist Mandatory Reporters in recognizing the early signs of child abuse and neglect. The training was developed to provide information on how, when, and where to make a report of child abuse and neglect. Pursuant to Section 26-14-3 of The Code of Alabama, mental health professionals, among others, are required to report suspected child abuse and neglect to the proper authorities.

Although this training does not count toward annual continuing education requirements, your knowledge in this area when serving the children and families of Alabama, and abroad, is invaluable and the Board encourages you to complete this important training.

Visit to access the Mandated Child Abuse/Neglect Reporter Training program. If you have questions regarding the content of the training, please contact Barry Spear, Public Information Director, at (334) 242-1850 or