Registering for Emergency Practice in Response to a declared STATE OF EMERGENCY

Since the State of Alabama is subject to natural, technological, and/or national security hazards that could result in an emergency or disaster situation that may exhaust resources available from within the State, it may from time to time be necessary to allow external resources to provide professional services which, under normal circumstances, require a professional license issued by the State of Alabama or one of its agents.

An individual who is licensed or registed to practice psychology independently in another jurisdiction may practice psychology in Alabama in response to an officially Level I emergency or disaster and corresponding STATE OF EMERGENCY declared by the Governor for no more than 60 days per year without applying for a license, upon proper notification to the Board.

A psychologist providing disaster or emergency services in Alabama must register with the Board by filing an Emergengy Practice Registration Form with the Board Office within ten (10) businesss days of entering the State. A person violating this rule shall be considered practicing without a license and shall be subject to disciplinary action by the Board and/or the Alabama Attorney General's Office of Consumer Protection.

Procedures for Registering for EMERGENCY PRACTICE

Emergency Practice Registration Form

Please contact the Board Office with questions.