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2021 Newsletter of the Board

Mission Statement:

The Alabama Board of Examiners in Psychology seeks to promote and protect the public's health, welfare and quality of life by licensing and regulating the practice of psychology and by promoting access to psychological services delivered in a safe, competent and ethical manner.

BOARD MEETING SCHEDULES: The Board meets on the second Fridays of January, March, May, July, September, and November. Meetings are held at the Board's Administrative Offices in the RSA Union Building at 100 North Union, Suite 880, Montgomery, Alabama 36104. Board meetings open to the Public. Notice of Meetings and Public Hearings are published in the Alabama Administrative Monthly and on the website of the Alabama Secretary of State at https://openmeetings.alabama.gov.

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Psychologist Search or License Verification

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Emergency Practice in response to a STATE OF EMERGENCY declared by the Governor of Alabama: An individual who is licensed or registered to practice psychology independently in another jurisdiction may practice psychology in Alabama in response to a declared emergency for no more than sixty (60) days per year without applying for a license, upon proper notification to the Board. Refer to Ala. Code 34-26-41(g) and Rule 750-X-2.08(7) for specific information regarding Emergency Practice, or click on the 'EMERGENCY PRACTICE IN RESPONSE TO A DECLARED DISASTER' link below.

A psychologist providing disaster or emergency services in Alabama must register with the Board by filing an Emergency Practice Registration Form with the Board Office within ten (10) business days of entering the State. A person violating this rule shall be considered practicing without a license and shall be subject to disciplinary action by the Board and/or the Alabama Attorney General's Office of Consumer Protection.