License Renewal for 2024 is now LATE. Click below to Contact the Board Office with Questions.  

Renewal Forms for 2024 are available at the link below and may still be mailed to the Board Office along with payment of renewal fees - which now must include a LATE FEE.

Failure to comply with renewal requirements by October 15 shall result in a Lapsed license. Lapsed status will not deprive the licensee of the right to renew, but it does prohibit the individual from continuing to practice unless working in an exempt setting. Late fees accumulate by $20 for each month renewal is late. A licensee who fails to renew a Lapsed license within two (2) years after the expiration date IS NOT ELIGIBLE for reinstatement and the license may not be restored or reissued. The individual will be required to submit a new licensure application and meet statutory requirements for licensure in existence at the time of re-application.

Contact the Board Office for information on reactivating a Lapsed license.


The Renewal Season for Licensure Year 2024 is now LATE!

Renewal & payment of annual fees must be paid directly to the Board Office. Please use the following form which applies to your licensure level, and be sure to submit all fees, including the appropriate Late Fee:

Psychologist License Renewal for Licensure Year 2024

Psychological Technician Renewal for Licensure Year 2024

Mail documents to:

Alabama Board of Examiners in Psychology

100 N Union St, Suite 880

Montgomery, AL 35104