Inactive Status is available to licensees.

Inactive Status means that a licensee is taking a full break from providing psychological services. This status revokes all privileges associated with licensure under the law until reactivation to Active Status is requested by the licensee and granted by the Board.  Any individual whose license is inactive shall not practice psychology or use the title “Licensed Psychologist” or “Licensed Psychological Technician” in the State of Alabama.  Any person violating this rule shall be considered practicing without a license and shall be subject to disciplinary action by the Board.  Inactive status does not negate the jurisdiction of the Board over actions of a licensee during any period of active licensure.

An executed Continuation of Inactive Status form & payment of the applicable Inactive Fee must be submitted each year henceforth prior to the date of renewal (October 15) or the license shall LAPSE.  Annual notices will be available for Inactive Licensee on or around August 15 annually with responses due by October 15.  Completion of Continuing Education is not required to continue Inactive status, but it is required to reinstate an Inactive license to Active Status.

A licensee may reinstate their license to Active status by satisfying the following:

  1. Submission of the executed Reinstatement of Active Status form;
  2. Payment of the current annual Renewal & Continuing Education Fee; and,
  3. Submission of proof of compliance with Continuing Education requirements for the previous year.


If a licensee is alleged to have violated any prohibition on professional conduct as referenced in the law, the Board, upon a hearing and proof of the violation, may deny reinstatement of the license or prohibit the licensee from applying for reinstatement of licensure.