Renewal for Licensure Year 2024 is now LATE! 

Please contact the Board Office using the link below for more information about how to reinstate a LAPSED License. Thank you!

Renewal Forms for 2024 are available at the link below and may still be mailed to the Board Office along with payment of fees - including LATE FEES.

Licenses expire annually on October 15. As a courtesy, Renewal Notices are sent to licensees on August 15. Licenses not renewed on or before October 15 will LAPSE. To renew a license, renewal requests and associated fees must be submitted to the Board Office (either through the renewal link above or by mail) and CONTINUING EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS must be met.

Please DO NOT E-MAIL OR FAX Continuing Education submissions to the Board office unless the Board contacts you to reply to a CE audit. All CE submissions must be made through the CE Portal.

Contact the Board to Reinstate a LAPSED License.