The Board has established the Alabama Psychology Professionals Wellness & Monitoring Program to encourage voluntary reporting and assist with evaluation and treatment referrals for impaired psychology professionals. The goal of the Wellness Program is to combat professional impairment by helping to identify and intervene when a licensee is struggling with real or potential dependency issues to support a licensee's wellness and re-entry into the profession.

A Wellness Committee that is separate from the Board and comprised of representatives from the psychology community assist with the Wellness Program’s operations. Committee Members are Alabama licensees who are knowledgeable about addiction, impairment, and dependence. The Committee's goal is to provide support to psychology professionals who find themselves in need.

Committee Members | 2023 - 2024

  • Merida M. Grant-Garcia, Ph.D. – Chair
  • Catalina M. Arata, Ph.D. – Member
  • Nancy W. Berland, Ph.D. – Non-Voting Board Member Representative
  • Michael C. Garver, DMD - Program Manager, Non-Voting Ex Officio Member
  • Shannon L. LaFramboise, M.A. – Psychological Technician Member
  • Denton M. "Beau" Scott, Psy.D. – Member
  • Daniel J. Sullivan – Member
  • Gregory S. Vender Wal, Ph.D. – Member
  • DeLisa A. West, Ph.D. – Member

The Committee’s work largely involves intervention for addiction; however, those facing physical and emotional impairments may also receive assistance. With the guidance and oversight of the Wellness Program Manager, the Committee monitors the participating psychology professional through successful completement of treatment through ongoing support and monitoring which, in the interest of public protection, enables the Committee and the Board to allow individuals to return to work safely, and to work safely.

Typically, a psychology professional in need of assistance may be identified and referred to the Wellness Committee by peers, family, or friends. Reports are also received through other healthcare and mental healthcare providers such as physicians and pharmacists. If a self-report qualifies, the psychology professional may enter into the Wellness Program and enjoy anonymity and other deferral advantages. You are encouraged to contact the Wellness Committee with any questions.

A Message from Wellness Committee Chair, Dr. Merida M. Grant-Garcia, Ph.D.: A Word from the Chair

You may reach the Wellness Committee using the link below or by calling the Wellness Program Manager, Dr. Michael C. Garver, DMD, for assistance at (251) 605-2883.

Email the Wellness Committee