Below is a list of items you may request from the Board with applicable fees. Please click on the link below to view in Acrobat Reader. From Acrobat Reader, you may print the form and select the product needed, submit it with the correct payment amount to the Board Office.

Current Fees

  • Psychologist Application Fee - $400.00, Due upon submission of application
  • Psychological Technician Application Fee - $260.00, Due upon submission of application
  • Inactive Status Fee, Psychologist - $50.00
  • Inactive Status Fee, Psychological Technician - $35.00
    Contact the Board Office for more information about Inactive Status.

Public Information Available Upon Request

  • Roster of Currently-Licensed Psychologists - $25.00
  • Roster of Currently-Licensed Psychological Technicians - $25.00
  • Replacement of Licensure Certificate - $50.00
  • Replacement of Annual Renewal Card - $25.00
  • Rules and Regulations (copy) - $10.00